Enable Prediction – Draw and Guess

The prediction feature lets you engage your audience by asking them to predict data values. Let them guess right in your chart and compare their predictions to the real data.

Only certain chart types support prediction. These include Pie, Donut, Bar, Column, Packed Column, Line, Spline, and Step

  1. In the upper-right corner, click Edit.
  2. Click Prediction – Drand and guess to expand the section.
  3. Toggle on the series you want your audience to predict.
  4. Choose for what range to activate prediction by typing in the range values or using slider.
  5. Drag one of the series as if you were trying out the prediction feature.
  6. Click Show me how I did.
  7. Click the Interactivity result text field and enter the text you want displayed to your audience after they click Show me how I did.