Customize axis scale

You can easily customize the scale of the vertical and horizontal axis. Logarithmic scale, for example, can be useful when some of the data you are visualizing is much larger or smaller than the rest of the data. 

  1. In the upper-right corner, click Edit. 
  2. In the right-hand sidebar, select the axis you want to edit, whether it's Vertical Axis or Horizontal Axis.
  3. From the Scale dropdown, select the scale type that works best with your data. 
  4. In the Power field, type in the power for logarithmic scale. or
    In the Interval field, type in the interval for the linear scale.
  5. Optional: Enter the minimal and maximal values for the scale in the appropriate fields. 

When using bar and column charts, you can set the axis break to hide a part of the scale.